Tv show week 5 -Amelia


In week 5 of the Children TV Show we started creating our set design. After talking to Bash we decided that out of our original idea we like the idea of the control panel, I thought this would be a great idea since it will allow us to show an interactive and engaging way to interact with the kids and it represent the space theme. Also we decided to do paper mache planets which would be quick and easy to make and would be in all bright colours so make the kids interactive while learning.

After we decided what we wanted to design, I sat down with Aiden and started sorting out material that we will need such as: For the console : Table,Toilet rolls , bottle tops, cardboard, grey/sliver paint, chalk and cellotape/glue. Me and Aiden decided what matericals. For the paper mache planets: balloons, different paint e.g. yellow, orange, green, red, blue, purple, black and white and newspaper. We decided on what material we going to bring in on Thursday.

On the Thursday Afternoon, We gathered all the resources together so me and Aiden start making the console. We started by making the console by panelling the side of the table and structuring it so it shaped and unbreakable. This is useful because it allow us to be able to make the table properly fitted and gives the overall shape we were looking for. Then we started painting a base coat of grey on the cardboard to give the spacey feel and we decided to paint bottle tops in bright colours and make a leaver using cardboard tubes and box. This allow me to see how many coats we need to make our console. Overall the console took 2 days since we had to re-paint and we design the name out of colour chalk to make it look like child made it. This will be effective because it will fit into the theme of show and the target audience we trying to reach. Due to not enough time the table wasn’t completed and wasn’t use in the overall production.

Also, we made some paper mache planets by glueing paper on cardboard on balloons multiple times, which was a good idea but wasn’t very effective because there wasn’t enough time to make the planets strong enough to support themselves so they wasn’t used either.

Overall I would say set design was fun to make and a good experience however it was too time consuming and didn’t work effective so in the end we decided on the use of sofa and starry background to give the overall feel and to make the set basic but colourful enough to attract our target audience.

Signing off for now




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