Tv Show week 6 – Amelia


This is my sixth week at our children tv show and today we are doing rheseal for our segment Storytime. In this rheseal I helped set up by moving camera’s, put lights in power sockets and help move sofa on the set. By helping set up it allow production to go quicker and it makes equipment being set up properly and effectively so crew and cast wasn’t at risk and ready for production.

When equipment was set up properly and ready for used I went to my job role which was vision mixer. I sat with our director Raveen and we sorted camera positons such as head space and composition. This allow me to see in a professional environment how I look at the camera angles and what we got to watch out for which can spoilt a shot  or make a shot uneven. When we started rheseals, I started to do basic transitions to get myself use to the different buttons and get myself in the rhythm.  This is good because it allow me to get comfortable with the different trasitions and allow me to see which fitted the shot better. After the first run with the basic transitions, Bash ask me if I can change the shots after each page of the book using the transitions 1-2-1-3-1. This is effective because it allows the beginning and the end shot the same while making the different pages different angles keep the primary audience and secondary audience engage and keeping the story interesting. Overall we manage to do 4 rheseals in the time we had for the day.

Then we have to set down so I move camera’s out the way, turn off all the buttons on the control panel and i loop the wires on the lights so they don’t get caught or the break the camera when moving it.

signing off for today

AB x


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