Tv show Evaluation – Amelia


This is evaluation for all my work on TV show this year

what went well ?

I felt overall that my vision mixing and my presenting when well the most out of all the tv show production. This is because i felt that i manage to learn the roles well and that i manage to perform the job effectively in a professional manner. I thought doing vision mixing for the segment went well because i manage to get into the rhymth of the different shots and learning different transitions which allow me to give a range of different angles while filming making the footage more engaging for an audience. Also i felt the presenting went well because it allow me to get out of my comfort zone and allow   me to become more confident in performing in front of camera’s. By doing these two roles i manage to gain new skills such as quick movement, more communication, verbal, team work stills etc. This experience will be useful in the future when working for a professional company.

What went wrong ?

In this production what i felt went wrong the most was the set design due to there wasn’t enough time to make the set to the best standard. This is because with the small amount of time that we were given we didn’t consider how long the console and the balloons would take till we starting building them. When building the console we didn’t realised that we would need to paint the colour multiply times to get it look like the paint wasn’t coming off and we didn’t realised the amount of buttons and materials need to make it effectively. While with the paper mache planets they would need a least about 3 days to make them structure enough to hang them and paint them which unfortunately we didn’t have the time. Also set design was very time consuming and since each segment need to practice and rheseal we didn’t have a enough time to focus on the minor details to ensure that were done to the best quality.

How did i overcome this ?

We overcome the set design by realising it wasn’t going to work so we decided due to the shortness of time we used materials around us e.g. the sofa and the background. By using the sofa and the starry background  and planets that were already made instead it allow us to show the space theme in our set while keep it basic. This is effective for a kids show because it allow to keep our chosen target audience focus on us and not get too distracted keeping them entertain for longer and more engaged.

How did i feel on overall production ?

I felt overall production was successful for both main set and story time. This is because in story time we work well in a team and in a professional manner allowing us to get the segment do quick and easy. Also i felt the segment was simple enough to do and more basic compare to make and do and main show making it a lot quicker to record and reseal. While with main set, i felt that me and Aiden had good chemistry on set making the presenting a lot more fun and comfortable to do. Also i felt that we both learn our lines very quickly with each other and we manage to use time effectively when resealing and recording.

What would i do differently if i got a chance to do it again ?

If i got the chance to do this show again i would make sure i have enough timing.   This is because i felt that we will really short on time so the set design didn’t plan out well and some of the segments had to be done quicker since we running out of time. Also due to only having two lessons a week make it more harder to do the paperwork while doing other lectures work and it became very time consuming.

Final sign off

AB x


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