Tv show week 7-Amelia


This is week 7 of the children tv show and today we doing final rheseal and recording for Storytime segement. Firstly, we re help set up the camera, lights and moving the couch in the right position. By helping set up, it allows me to see the health and safety regulations that we need to be aware off and making sure nothing get broke.

After helping set up, I took my job role again as Vision Mixer and checking the shots again with Raveen to ensure they are set up properly and the shot has enough head space and the composition is accurate. When we were both happen i had a quick practice on different sequences to see which one fitted the scene better. By doing this, it allows me to get back into the rhythm and see what order i want my shots to be in to better the audience and to keep them interested in the book for longer.

After, the quick practice, we re-started rheseals which i took bash’s advice for the day before and keep changing my sequences for each page. This was effective because it allow ranges of shots and similar what they would do in a professional industry. After 4/5 takes i double check my sequences was good which they agree and then bash decided it a good time to filmed. We decided to film the footage 3 times to get different shots and just in case of mistakes. I found this useful because i muggle up my shots and the camera slightly moved in one of the shots allowing the other footage to used more effectively.

After recording i helped with set down again by putting the lights back and moving the camera in a safe position. Setting down was effective because it allow to put the equipment back properly and put away safely.

Overall i felt the rheseals and recording of our segment was effective and we manage to work well as a team to make the storytime the best we could possible do in the short amount of time.

signing off again

AB x


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