Tv show Week 8 – Amelia


This is week 8 of the children tv show and today we are practicing for presenting main set. Firstly we decided how we wanted main set to look which because the console was finished to a professional standard we decided to do a basic setting using starry background, couch and planets. By using this set it allow us to not overload the theme making our target audience confused but still engaging for them to learn. The two presenters for main show was me and Aiden. I was happy to work with Aiden because we have good friendship which would project on camera.

After we decided how we want main set to look like, we started setting up the set, 3 camera’s and 3 lights ready for rheseal. Setting the layout like this is effective because it allow enough lighting on the talent and be able to get different shots. After everything was set up, me and Aiden sorted positions with bash to get the best camera angles and that allow us to be engaging with the audience through screens.

After, we sorted out the postions and everything was set up, we started rhesear the first scene using the AQ. However with the use of the AQ we were more robotic or wasn’t in sync like a normal converstation. So we decided we will learn all the scenes separately to make the script more flowing and more interacting for the kids. Therefore we decided to rheseral multiply times to make sure we had the scene properly and to be able to practice different voices to make sure be able to engage with the children easily.

After multiply rheserals, we decided to leave for the day to take a break so i helped turn off all equipment and lights and left the studio in the set up we wanted ready to re-rheseal tomorrow.

signing off today



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