Tv Show Week 9 – Amelia


This is week 9 of the children tv show (final week) and today we decided to carry on rheseal for main set. Due to leaving the studio set up i helped turn on all equipment and i sat in the same postion as before to allow our camera person to set up all the camera postions again and to sure they have enough composition and head room. By being able to sit the same position, it allows production to get set up easily and quickly and already record scenes don’t look out of place.

When everything was set up and the crew was happy with our positions we decided to do rheseals through our lines in the camera and to get our voices warm up. This allow us to get in the mind set of our audiences to make the show believable. After we resheal our director told us we wasn’t looking into the camera . So we took the advice and rheseal the scene. After 4/5 rheseals we felt ready to record the first segment. I felt happy after recording the first segment because it allow me to get more into the show and it make the rest of the recording a lot easier since they were only 3-4 lines long allowing them to be rehseal twice and then recorded.

After all the recording were done to a high standard, we helped set down the studio again by putting wires away, moving camera’s, turning off equipment and lopping wires. Overall i felt the whole experience for tv show was fun and interesting. Also it allow me to try two roles which i wasn’t normally comfortable doing and being able to get used to them and develop my understanding. This is effective because it allow me to get out of my comfortable zone and try new things and allow me to learn what it would like to work in a professional environment if i was going to work for a TV or film set.

Final Sign off

AB x


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