Tv Show Week 9 – Amelia


This is week 9 of the children tv show (final week) and today we decided to carry on rheseal for main set. Due to leaving the studio set up i helped turn on all equipment and i sat in the same postion as before to allow our camera person to set up all the camera postions again and to sure they have enough composition and head room. By being able to sit the same position, it allows production to get set up easily and quickly and already record scenes don’t look out of place.

When everything was set up and the crew was happy with our positions we decided to do rheseals through our lines in the camera and to get our voices warm up. This allow us to get in the mind set of our audiences to make the show believable. After we resheal our director told us we wasn’t looking into the camera . So we took the advice and rheseal the scene. After 4/5 rheseals we felt ready to record the first segment. I felt happy after recording the first segment because it allow me to get more into the show and it make the rest of the recording a lot easier since they were only 3-4 lines long allowing them to be rehseal twice and then recorded.

After all the recording were done to a high standard, we helped set down the studio again by putting wires away, moving camera’s, turning off equipment and lopping wires. Overall i felt the whole experience for tv show was fun and interesting. Also it allow me to try two roles which i wasn’t normally comfortable doing and being able to get used to them and develop my understanding. This is effective because it allow me to get out of my comfortable zone and try new things and allow me to learn what it would like to work in a professional environment if i was going to work for a TV or film set.

Final Sign off

AB x


TV Show Week 8/5/17


On the Wednesday, our group went into the studio to discuss what it would look like with our set design and how it would fit into the room. We agreed on a black background, the title above the presenter and him sitting on a beanbag.

On the Thursday, we had a tour of the studio as a class and learnt our way around it. For the first two rehearsals, I took place as the presenter, read off the autocue and had a microphone attached.

At first, I was quite apprehensive, I only did it because no one else wanted to, but once I got on stage, there was a lot of waiting around so it gave me a long time to get comfortable, so by the time I was actually speaking out loud, my nervousness had calmed down somewhat and I was able to speak in understandable sentences.

For the second half, I was the floor manager, which I enjoyed because it felt like I had control and I had a walkie-talkie, which is always fun.

Script For Advert


NATASHA: Stereotypes are a big part of our society. For teenage girls, especially.





VOICE OVER: NATASHA: This is the future that awaits you if you refuse to believe that you can do anything. Stuck in a box, bound by stereotypes that were made by generations that are dead and gone.


VOICE OVER: NATASHA: Boredom. No creativity. Wishing that you’d just believed that you could do something better than being under someone else’s thumb.


VOICE OVER: NATASHA: But there’s always hope. The Girlhood wants you to realise your potential, believe in yourself and show your passion and creativity. To know that women need to stick together.



Name of the programme (title etc)

The title we going to used is ‘Girlhood’. We decided to use that title because it’s based off a charity that encourages girls to pursue any job they want. We feel that making an advert for this charity will encourage more girls to get involved and encourage girls to always pursue their dreams.


The aim purpose of this advert is to interest girls In careers that can do and make awareness that anyone can do anything they want as long as they put their mind to it. we will be using the organisation Girlhood to help and inspire our video because we feel the message they are trying to give to multiply  girls and women globally is important to show and support, which we want to show the purpose and why it important in our advert and spread that message to our target audience. In the brief Girlhood says “Create a rally cry to girls, to make brave creative choices in their education and in their careers. Communicate that creativity has the power to effect positive change in their own lives and in the lives of others”. We will apply this to our advert because we are showing the negative effects that women and girls shows daily from men about chosen careers and encourage them to used the advert as a beacon to make creative choices and make positive outcome to their lives and show negative people that they can do anything they put their mind to. In the brief Girlhood  says also ” Your creativity can fuel your future, with The Girlhood.” We are trying to used this quote to help us through the video and show women that being creative is important and that your always going to be judge but staying strong in your choices with make a better future.

Broadcast and Release details (date, year)

We are looking into the broadcast and release date at the minute since we are unsure of the actually date but we would like to get the filming done by estimate of end of March 2017.

Length of the programme (seconds)

The length of the advert will be between 30 seconds to 60 seconds long, at a push 90 seconds, if we need it. This length allows us to put enough information in to target our chosen audience and to get them to understand what the advert is about and understand the cause we trying to promote.

Medium (moving image/animation/radio)

The medium that we are going to use is a moving image since we feel like it will make more of impact and it will appeal to an older audience which we want because we are appealing to girls aging from 13 to 24.

Recording format (digital video/film/MP3/Aiff)

The recording format is going to be a digital video because it will make more of a impact and it makes the whole advert a better quality in picture and sound.

Target audience (demographic and lifestyle profile)

The target we are looking to aimed at is girl aged 13/14.We mostly aiming at girls of the working class in all area’s and this to aimed at every girl who want to have a successful career but doubting themselves. The advert we are trying to produce we want it to aim at different type of women so we are going to used primary and secondary research to enhances our knowledge and to target the audience effectively. For primary research we will take survey from 5-6 different type of women to allow us to see their own opinions about women chooses in careers and to see if women jobs are as fair compare to men and if how women can have better careers and how they feel about women empowerment. This will allow us to have a depth understanding about how our target audience feel about the subject and this will allow us to incorporate their opinions and feels in the video making it more personal and showing that it don’t matter what men think women got a voice and they going to use it. Also i going to do secondary research  into the Girlhood website and look at previous adverts and articles about empowerment. This will be useful i our advert because it allow audiences that we are not really aiming at to understand the topic we are expressing and be able to apply that to their own lives e.g. their daughters , sister , aunts , mothers etc and this will allow them to support the cause and help people they know how in the same situation.

Concept/idea (main theme)

Our idea is more a diversity piece where we wanted to show a different aspect for girlhood. This idea we wanted to focus more on women stereotypes that girls still what a women should be like and what type of jobs that women suppose to do compare to men. The whole purpose of this advert is show girls that we shouldn’t listen to stereotypes because we can do anything a guy can do if we try hard and believe in our dreams. we wanted to incorporate voiceovers form different women and cut from to and from different rooms e.g. dark/light and used opposites shots to get our idea across. Each box in the picture above represents a stereotype which women may faced when applying a macular job. In the first box the picture suppose to represent prettiness and how women may not get a certain job because they think about their appearance or looks. The second box is suppose to represent gentleness and how men think women to be soft and have soft hands so they couldn’t really do a rough hands-on job. The third box is suppose to represent size and women couldn’t do a certain job since there either too big or too thin this stereotype shows that women aren’t capable to a job since they always look at your size. The fourth box is more about jobs and how women get stereotype as cooking and stay at home mothers and it the men that suppose to manual work. The fifth box is representing cleaning and how women role is to clean and make sure everything tidy for when the men come home from work. Final box is to tie the purpose of the advert and what girlhood actually represent and show women all shaped / sizes with different careers and how it important to follow your dreams and passion no mattering who you are.

Age , Gender and Lifestyle

In this advert we are aiming the age to girls 13/14. The reason we aiming at this age is because we feel that it the best age to encourage them into our career they want to achieve.Also it a good age to encourage young girls because it the age when they are thinking about careers and where they see themselves In the future. The gender we are aiming at is mostly women because the organs action is called girlhood and we tying to help women get more creative careers because it be proven that men are more successful. I think aim at the gender correctly it could be an effective piece which could benefit their future.Finally the type of lifestyle we are aiming at is all classes and sexualitys because  it a problem which more neutral to everyone and it don’t matter where you from or what background we trying to aim every girls to get more passion about being creative and do an career in it.  This will appeal the audience in the music video the girls we have in the video will be in the same age so they can relate to them and have a similar lifestyle. Also it be different type of sexuality and colors to be ethical and show no discrimation. 

Style (mise-en-scene/setting/location/sound/characters etc)

Location – The location we have decided to use is the studio at Halesowen College in Coombswood since we felt it was practical and we have a lot more availability. Also, we feel it makes the piece for easier to film and allows us to make the angles and shots more effective. We felt this would structure the piece well and even though it is a simple location it would make the audience connect with the purpose of the video and not the actual image.

Set up/lightning/colour – The set up we were thinking of that would be most effective in this advert would be a black backdrop with the light off so it is pitch black except for a lamp or spotlight. We feel using just a spotlight would make the advert vey simple and different and more effective to allow us to show the meaning of Girlhood and why it’s important. Also we want to make this advert in colour and if we don’t use a lamp or spotlight we will probably use natural light because it is a nice alternative to lights and it’s more natural and effective.

Camera angle – The camera position we are thinking about using medium long shot and medium close up. This is because it is a good camera angle to use to make the advert more effective and allows us to get everything we want to represent in one shot. It also would show a woman’s face and body well, to show what she’s doing in the advert.

Clothing/costumes – The clothing/costumes we were thinking about using is casual and teen/neutral gender like because this advert is based for teens and young adults aged 14 and over. Using normal teen clothing would be effective because it gives a clear indication who is the target audience is and it is important to appeal the advert to the right audience type to make the advert successful.

Methods of production (location shoot/studio etc)

Our method of production is the studio at Coombswood because it is easy for us to access and makes everything easier for us because a lot of the equipment is already there for us to use and we don’t have to pay to use it.

We will also need to use the kitchen from my house to showcase a girl cooking and cleaning. Again, this is easy access and I have a camera and the actor to hand so it makes everything easier because we don’t have to worry about getting permission to use the site or pay for it.

Resources needed (human/technical/location)

Human Resources;


Natasha Jones

Jane Jones

Hayley Ruthen

Daisy Ruthen

Julie Wade

Technical Resources;






Frying Pan

Cleaning Equipment


Location Resources;

Coombswood – Studio

1 Shearwater Drive – Kitchen

Time (how long for production and editing)

We have until the end of March to complete this project, so from now we have roughly 4 months to complete the advert. I’d say we’d have 2 months for production and 2 months for editing, but if we finish production sooner, we can start editing when that is done.