Pictures from set design and set 


Here are all the photos from our experience on set design and set …


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Tv show Evaluation – Amelia


This is evaluation for all my work on TV show this year

what went well ?

I felt overall that my vision mixing and my presenting when well the most out of all the tv show production. This is because i felt that i manage to learn the roles well and that i manage to perform the job effectively in a professional manner. I thought doing vision mixing for the segment went well because i manage to get into the rhymth of the different shots and learning different transitions which allow me to give a range of different angles while filming making the footage more engaging for an audience. Also i felt the presenting went well because it allow me to get out of my comfort zone and allow   me to become more confident in performing in front of camera’s. By doing these two roles i manage to gain new skills such as quick movement, more communication, verbal, team work stills etc. This experience will be useful in the future when working for a professional company.

What went wrong ?

In this production what i felt went wrong the most was the set design due to there wasn’t enough time to make the set to the best standard. This is because with the small amount of time that we were given we didn’t consider how long the console and the balloons would take till we starting building them. When building the console we didn’t realised that we would need to paint the colour multiply times to get it look like the paint wasn’t coming off and we didn’t realised the amount of buttons and materials need to make it effectively. While with the paper mache planets they would need a least about 3 days to make them structure enough to hang them and paint them which unfortunately we didn’t have the time. Also set design was very time consuming and since each segment need to practice and rheseal we didn’t have a enough time to focus on the minor details to ensure that were done to the best quality.

How did i overcome this ?

We overcome the set design by realising it wasn’t going to work so we decided due to the shortness of time we used materials around us e.g. the sofa and the background. By using the sofa and the starry background  and planets that were already made instead it allow us to show the space theme in our set while keep it basic. This is effective for a kids show because it allow to keep our chosen target audience focus on us and not get too distracted keeping them entertain for longer and more engaged.

How did i feel on overall production ?

I felt overall production was successful for both main set and story time. This is because in story time we work well in a team and in a professional manner allowing us to get the segment do quick and easy. Also i felt the segment was simple enough to do and more basic compare to make and do and main show making it a lot quicker to record and reseal. While with main set, i felt that me and Aiden had good chemistry on set making the presenting a lot more fun and comfortable to do. Also i felt that we both learn our lines very quickly with each other and we manage to use time effectively when resealing and recording.

What would i do differently if i got a chance to do it again ?

If i got the chance to do this show again i would make sure i have enough timing.   This is because i felt that we will really short on time so the set design didn’t plan out well and some of the segments had to be done quicker since we running out of time. Also due to only having two lessons a week make it more harder to do the paperwork while doing other lectures work and it became very time consuming.

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Tv show Week 8 – Amelia


This is week 8 of the children tv show and today we are practicing for presenting main set. Firstly we decided how we wanted main set to look which because the console was finished to a professional standard we decided to do a basic setting using starry background, couch and planets. By using this set it allow us to not overload the theme making our target audience confused but still engaging for them to learn. The two presenters for main show was me and Aiden. I was happy to work with Aiden because we have good friendship which would project on camera.

After we decided how we want main set to look like, we started setting up the set, 3 camera’s and 3 lights ready for rheseal. Setting the layout like this is effective because it allow enough lighting on the talent and be able to get different shots. After everything was set up, me and Aiden sorted positions with bash to get the best camera angles and that allow us to be engaging with the audience through screens.

After, we sorted out the postions and everything was set up, we started rhesear the first scene using the AQ. However with the use of the AQ we were more robotic or wasn’t in sync like a normal converstation. So we decided we will learn all the scenes separately to make the script more flowing and more interacting for the kids. Therefore we decided to rheseral multiply times to make sure we had the scene properly and to be able to practice different voices to make sure be able to engage with the children easily.

After multiply rheserals, we decided to leave for the day to take a break so i helped turn off all equipment and lights and left the studio in the set up we wanted ready to re-rheseal tomorrow.

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Tv show week 7-Amelia


This is week 7 of the children tv show and today we doing final rheseal and recording for Storytime segement. Firstly, we re help set up the camera, lights and moving the couch in the right position. By helping set up, it allows me to see the health and safety regulations that we need to be aware off and making sure nothing get broke.

After helping set up, I took my job role again as Vision Mixer and checking the shots again with Raveen to ensure they are set up properly and the shot has enough head space and the composition is accurate. When we were both happen i had a quick practice on different sequences to see which one fitted the scene better. By doing this, it allows me to get back into the rhythm and see what order i want my shots to be in to better the audience and to keep them interested in the book for longer.

After, the quick practice, we re-started rheseals which i took bash’s advice for the day before and keep changing my sequences for each page. This was effective because it allow ranges of shots and similar what they would do in a professional industry. After 4/5 takes i double check my sequences was good which they agree and then bash decided it a good time to filmed. We decided to film the footage 3 times to get different shots and just in case of mistakes. I found this useful because i muggle up my shots and the camera slightly moved in one of the shots allowing the other footage to used more effectively.

After recording i helped with set down again by putting the lights back and moving the camera in a safe position. Setting down was effective because it allow to put the equipment back properly and put away safely.

Overall i felt the rheseals and recording of our segment was effective and we manage to work well as a team to make the storytime the best we could possible do in the short amount of time.

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Tv Show week 6 – Amelia


This is my sixth week at our children tv show and today we are doing rheseal for our segment Storytime. In this rheseal I helped set up by moving camera’s, put lights in power sockets and help move sofa on the set. By helping set up it allow production to go quicker and it makes equipment being set up properly and effectively so crew and cast wasn’t at risk and ready for production.

When equipment was set up properly and ready for used I went to my job role which was vision mixer. I sat with our director Raveen and we sorted camera positons such as head space and composition. This allow me to see in a professional environment how I look at the camera angles and what we got to watch out for which can spoilt a shot  or make a shot uneven. When we started rheseals, I started to do basic transitions to get myself use to the different buttons and get myself in the rhythm.  This is good because it allow me to get comfortable with the different trasitions and allow me to see which fitted the shot better. After the first run with the basic transitions, Bash ask me if I can change the shots after each page of the book using the transitions 1-2-1-3-1. This is effective because it allows the beginning and the end shot the same while making the different pages different angles keep the primary audience and secondary audience engage and keeping the story interesting. Overall we manage to do 4 rheseals in the time we had for the day.

Then we have to set down so I move camera’s out the way, turn off all the buttons on the control panel and i loop the wires on the lights so they don’t get caught or the break the camera when moving it.

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Tv show week 5 -Amelia


In week 5 of the Children TV Show we started creating our set design. After talking to Bash we decided that out of our original idea we like the idea of the control panel, I thought this would be a great idea since it will allow us to show an interactive and engaging way to interact with the kids and it represent the space theme. Also we decided to do paper mache planets which would be quick and easy to make and would be in all bright colours so make the kids interactive while learning.

After we decided what we wanted to design, I sat down with Aiden and started sorting out material that we will need such as: For the console : Table,Toilet rolls , bottle tops, cardboard, grey/sliver paint, chalk and cellotape/glue. Me and Aiden decided what matericals. For the paper mache planets: balloons, different paint e.g. yellow, orange, green, red, blue, purple, black and white and newspaper. We decided on what material we going to bring in on Thursday.

On the Thursday Afternoon, We gathered all the resources together so me and Aiden start making the console. We started by making the console by panelling the side of the table and structuring it so it shaped and unbreakable. This is useful because it allow us to be able to make the table properly fitted and gives the overall shape we were looking for. Then we started painting a base coat of grey on the cardboard to give the spacey feel and we decided to paint bottle tops in bright colours and make a leaver using cardboard tubes and box. This allow me to see how many coats we need to make our console. Overall the console took 2 days since we had to re-paint and we design the name out of colour chalk to make it look like child made it. This will be effective because it will fit into the theme of show and the target audience we trying to reach. Due to not enough time the table wasn’t completed and wasn’t use in the overall production.

Also, we made some paper mache planets by glueing paper on cardboard on balloons multiple times, which was a good idea but wasn’t very effective because there wasn’t enough time to make the planets strong enough to support themselves so they wasn’t used either.

Overall I would say set design was fun to make and a good experience however it was too time consuming and didn’t work effective so in the end we decided on the use of sofa and starry background to give the overall feel and to make the set basic but colourful enough to attract our target audience.

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Job role – Amelia



The job role I decided to do for our TV segment is Vision mixer, I wanted this role because I wanted to gain new skills and being able to have attension in detail in my filming, this making the product better and more thoughout. Also I want to be confident in mult-tasking and strengthen my communciation skills. This is because I want to be able to do my job role efficently by helping with other jobs and it a good skills to have when working in the film industry. By doing this job, it will allow me to gain more knowledge and been able to help other works with their jobs to make the production more efficient and more successful to a professional standard. Also by learning this job it will allow me to have a taste of a role I would’nt normally put myself for , which helps gain more knowledge and become more confident in the role allowing me to do successfully.

The characteristics for a vision mixer is to be able to used certain skills in proffessional standard manner in order to make the job successful. The type of skills you need to be successful in this role is : being able to multi-task, advanced IT skills, good sense of rhymth in order to do correct transitions, being able to used different mixing boards, high concetration and have colour vision. These are some examples of skills that fitting in this job. These are good skills to know because it allow you to do the job successful and you have inhavce the basic knowledge you have already, making your more suitable when working in a film industry environment. Also these skills you can used in multiply different jobs in the film industry so it make them more useful and I will be able to get more confident each time I used them making my work more efficient and more helpful to the production.

What responsilbilties come with your job role?
The job role of the vision mixer is edit and produce programmes live, either through pre recording or being transmitted on filming. The type of transition that the vision mix has to be performed are stuff like: cuts, wipes and being able to multiply frames. They are known as the director second pair of eyes in a production. Most vision mixer are normally transmitted live or recorded live, however if you doing outside broadcasts like the news they can pre recorded before hand in multi-camera.
When doing pre production, the vision mixer is usually running orders for the producer which is normally prepared such as outline of the programme and detail shot list ready to used. Also they work with the director breaking down the script so they can get exact transitions from each shot and what effects such as visual and graphically they want to used and where and where changes need to be and where certain shots are needed.
In production, the vision mixer has to visual create the whole programme. They still work close with the director and multi task while doing it live to ensure that they make the right cut for each shot of the production while listening to instructions from the producer or director to what shot to transmit next, what effect and the time limit they have before hand..

How the characteristics, skill set and responsibiltes will show the job with children TV show ?
I will adapt the characteristics that I research for this job role into the children TV show because in a childrren tv the transitions that are used are different from other shows such as TV and news. In a children TV show the vision mixer have to do a slower intro and outro with a pan shot and different camera postitions and mixed cuts e.g. direct , fades and illrustation cuts. This is efficient to know when creating a kids tv show because it allow the vision mix to engage the audience and keep the show going at pace which is efficentive for them so they don’t bored to easily.

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