TV Show 22/5/17

On the Wednesday, I typed up the script onto the autocue, which was tiresome – partly because I’d done it on a different screen not a week before – but I knew it was necessary.

On the first Thursday, we spent the day rehearsing, our presenter wasn’t in, so I agreed to be for that day. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, because most of my nerves came from messing up and the group laughing at me, but with the autocue to read off of, making mistakes was cut to a minimum and the group didn’t laugh because they’re decent people and they were focused on their own jobs.

On the second Thursday, we started making the set, which was painting the base silver. It was about as big as 8 A4 sheets (roughly), so it took a long time, especially with 2 coats, to make it look the best. I also ended up deciding which bottle tops were going to be used and painted as buttons for the control panel. I chose red, gold, green and blue as that only required one to be painted – the blue one, which I believe ended up being yellow.


TV Show Week 15/5/17


On the Wednesday, I did research into what a story time looked like and how they spoke, via Cbeebies YouTube channel. The presenters always seem upbeat and are smiling and sometimes inject with their opinions on the story, reacting to what happens – I feel that that broke up the story and wasn’t needed, so I don’t think we’ll be doing that in our group – and sometimes putting on different voices to show which characters are speaking in the book.

On Thursday, I wrote up the script we’re going to use for the performance, which was putting the book into a script format, using celtex, and copy and pasting Revene’s introduction and conclusion into the script from the word document.

TV Show Week 15/6/17


After I returned from my holiday I discovered that my group hadn’t filmed and our presenter was not in. I agreed to be presenter for the rehearsals. After doing a take, the group said I was better than the original presenter because I had more cadence. After losing count of how many times we rehearsed, we agreed that we were ready to shoot and we did, 3 times.

So, this wasn’t my original role, but it was one you could say I was better suited to and it was necessary for me to step up to the plate, so to speak. And, even though, unsurprisingly, I was nervous at first, after the first two takes, I relaxed and I found myself enjoying it and I would happily take on that role, or something similar, again.

TV Show Week 8/5/17


On the Wednesday, our group went into the studio to discuss what it would look like with our set design and how it would fit into the room. We agreed on a black background, the title above the presenter and him sitting on a beanbag.

On the Thursday, we had a tour of the studio as a class and learnt our way around it. For the first two rehearsals, I took place as the presenter, read off the autocue and had a microphone attached.

At first, I was quite apprehensive, I only did it because no one else wanted to, but once I got on stage, there was a lot of waiting around so it gave me a long time to get comfortable, so by the time I was actually speaking out loud, my nervousness had calmed down somewhat and I was able to speak in understandable sentences.

For the second half, I was the floor manager, which I enjoyed because it felt like I had control and I had a walkie-talkie, which is always fun.

Job role – Amelia



The job role I decided to do for our TV segment is Vision mixer, I wanted this role because I wanted to gain new skills and being able to have attension in detail in my filming, this making the product better and more thoughout. Also I want to be confident in mult-tasking and strengthen my communciation skills. This is because I want to be able to do my job role efficently by helping with other jobs and it a good skills to have when working in the film industry. By doing this job, it will allow me to gain more knowledge and been able to help other works with their jobs to make the production more efficient and more successful to a professional standard. Also by learning this job it will allow me to have a taste of a role I would’nt normally put myself for , which helps gain more knowledge and become more confident in the role allowing me to do successfully.

The characteristics for a vision mixer is to be able to used certain skills in proffessional standard manner in order to make the job successful. The type of skills you need to be successful in this role is : being able to multi-task, advanced IT skills, good sense of rhymth in order to do correct transitions, being able to used different mixing boards, high concetration and have colour vision. These are some examples of skills that fitting in this job. These are good skills to know because it allow you to do the job successful and you have inhavce the basic knowledge you have already, making your more suitable when working in a film industry environment. Also these skills you can used in multiply different jobs in the film industry so it make them more useful and I will be able to get more confident each time I used them making my work more efficient and more helpful to the production.

What responsilbilties come with your job role?
The job role of the vision mixer is edit and produce programmes live, either through pre recording or being transmitted on filming. The type of transition that the vision mix has to be performed are stuff like: cuts, wipes and being able to multiply frames. They are known as the director second pair of eyes in a production. Most vision mixer are normally transmitted live or recorded live, however if you doing outside broadcasts like the news they can pre recorded before hand in multi-camera.
When doing pre production, the vision mixer is usually running orders for the producer which is normally prepared such as outline of the programme and detail shot list ready to used. Also they work with the director breaking down the script so they can get exact transitions from each shot and what effects such as visual and graphically they want to used and where and where changes need to be and where certain shots are needed.
In production, the vision mixer has to visual create the whole programme. They still work close with the director and multi task while doing it live to ensure that they make the right cut for each shot of the production while listening to instructions from the producer or director to what shot to transmit next, what effect and the time limit they have before hand..

How the characteristics, skill set and responsibiltes will show the job with children TV show ?
I will adapt the characteristics that I research for this job role into the children TV show because in a childrren tv the transitions that are used are different from other shows such as TV and news. In a children TV show the vision mixer have to do a slower intro and outro with a pan shot and different camera postitions and mixed cuts e.g. direct , fades and illrustation cuts. This is efficient to know when creating a kids tv show because it allow the vision mix to engage the audience and keep the show going at pace which is efficentive for them so they don’t bored to easily.

many thanks


TV show week 4 – Amelia


This is the fourth idea for Children TV Show, today we was given a production meeting by bash and a brief on the next steps for the storyboard segment. In our groups we got to do floor plan, storyboarding, shot list, script and vision mix script. I was given storyboarding to do which i was happy to do because drawing relax me and i’m a good drawing.

When i started the storyboard i discussed to my group about what structure that our segment is following from start to end, then i started drawing the layout. In the drawing i include an intro and outro, illustrations from the book and drawing of the set and host. for each picture i stated the camera shot and what happening to show in my pre production that i thought out what i want the production to look like and how it going to be set out.

I feel that storyboards are good to plan when doing pre production because it allows us to have a visual aspect when filming and being prepared when getting to recording, plus it simple and easy to do.

that all for now


TV Show Week 1/5/17


For the first week, I was put in a group with Amelia, Aiden and Rachel. Then, seeing the idea was space, we put it into a draft proposal and had a production meeting to see where we could improve.

After we improved our draft proposal, we were put into our final groups and given our task to make the tv show work. Added to our group was Raveen, Jessica and George and we were given the task of the story time segement.

The book we chose was Goodnight Spaceman by Michelle Robinson and Nick East. I borrowed it from Halesowen library, I chose to do this because it saves money and I go to the library all the time, so it was easier for me to pick it up. Then, we chose our job roles. Aiden and Rachel would be camera operators, Raven would be the director, Jess would be the floor manager, George would be the presenter, Amelia would be the vision mixer and I would be controlling the autocue. I chose to control the autocue, because I didn’t mind what role I had and I wanted everyone else to have their choice.